Essential book – Brand film

Madame Avant-Garde


Image strategy and Art direction – Editorial line and storytelling – Brand content – Writing, creation, illustration and production of the book – Creation and production of the brand film

A visionary woman with an exceptional destiny, Helena Rubinstein turned beauty into a tool for the power and emancipation of women. She travelled across the planet, met the greatest artists of her time, placed science at the heart of her inventions, and defined the rules governing the cosmetic industry as we know it. Helena Rubinstein joined the ranks of the Rockefellers, Fords, Edisons and Disneys of our world, who shaped the American dream by building their own fortunes. There’s just one small difference: she was a woman.

The agency explored the long and bountiful life of this exceptional woman and offered a version with a distinctive, avant-garde editorial line.

Always ahead of the curve, Helena Rubinstein turned her brand into a “first-time” phenomenon.
The first beauty institute? The first mascara? It was Helena Rubinstein. The first self-tan? Helena Rubinstein, once again. Over and above the brand that she embodies, however, “Madame” is also the first self-made woman, the first woman to understand and use marketing, and the first women to collect modern and tribal art.

In short, she left a mark through her visionary spirit and built her brand from one innovation to the next. This book tells the story of all those first times that continue to make women freer and more beautiful.

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